Dalgona Coffee

Last week, I was scrolling through Instagram stories when I saw one from Ben Mims, the cooking columnist for The Lost Angeles Times. Ben was making a coffee drink that looked like a cross between a latte, meringue, and milkshake. “I need to make that immediately,” I thought to myself.

The drink, Dalgona coffee, is taking off during the coronavirus pandemic as people seek alternatives to store-bought lattes. It started in South Korea but it’s making the rounds on social media, where people are sharing pictures of their creations and using hashtags to boost their posts. You can read more about it in this LA Timesstory.

Dalgona coffee could not be easier to make. I mean, it’s not as simple as throwing ground coffee in a French press with hot water, but it’s more rewarding. You go by a 2:2:2 ratio for ingredients: 2 tablespoons of instant…

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